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Vahid Sharifi

Vahid Sharifi

My name is Vahid Sharifi, I was born on July 28, 1977, in Isfahan. Isfahan is the city of turquoise domes, the artistic capital of Iran and a museum that is always alive. I have loved painting since I was a child and I have always painted since I can remember. My high school education was mathematics and I studied computer software engineering at university, but I have always worked as a graphic designer, painter, cartoonist and illustrator. Combining my field of study with art has led me to digital painting, and I have been working as a freelance illustrator and cartoonist for many years. So far, I have held eight solo exhibitions of my work and participated in more than 70 group exhibitions. My works have been published in well-known Iranian newspapers and magazines for many years, and I have been teaching digital face painting and caricature for several years. My motto for my work is “Give a smile” and I try to add a little joy and beauty to the world around me by drawing caricatures of people. I hope I succeed in this.

Since 1999

For over 2 decades, Abnoos Caricature has always been serving individuals, magazines and online publications with best portrait caricatures, illustrations and graphic designs. We have always been committed to customer satisfaction and we are proud of thousands of happy customers and millions of happy smiles

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More Than 20 Years of Experience

Established in 1999 you’ll benefit from years of experience. To date, we have successfully completed more than 2000 caricature orders for many well known publications, companies and individuals. Having many customers with long time and continuous relationship is our pride and we highly value that. 

Custom Everything

Every order is uniquely drawn having customer purpose for that order in mind, sometimes it needs to be more fun and the other time it has to convey a serious message in form of caricature. we are fully committed to customize the caricature, background and all the details in the drawing according to customer’s need

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Customer Satisfaction

We will work together till you get the design you love. We ensure 100 percent client satisfaction and won’t have it any other way. Our customers are our priority and this customer-oriented attitude and approach has led us to receive many fruitful and positive recommendations from our highly valued and satisfied customers

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You are in good hands, everything is taken professionally and dealt with in timely manner

Vahid Sharidi

Vahid Sharidi


Naimul Ahsan

Naimul Ahsan

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Mo Mazaheri

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